Private Lessons

Welcome to my online private lessons page. I am now offering online guitar lessons via Skype or Facebook video chat.
The price for a 60 minute lesson is $75. It's best to schedule weekly lessons, in order to achieve the most benefits.
Prepaid monthly lessons will receive a discount. Payments can be made through PayPal (payment must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled lessons).

What You Will Need For Online Lessons:
1. A computer with a webcam and microphone
2. High speed internet
3. An amplifier
4. A metronome

Book Recommendations

I recommend you purchase the following books based on your skill level to be used in conjunction with your lessons.
I may or (may not) send you pdf files with additional lesson materials as we progress through the sessions.

Option 1

1 Hr

One time lesson option.This option is for students who are interested in a refresher course.

Option 2


This option is geared more towards the student who is seeking more instruction than a refresher course.

Option 3


This option is for students who are interested in a weekly lesson schedule; this requires prepayment of 3 or more hours.


Please give a brief description of your skill level and your desired musical goals on the contact form.